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Our Medellin Tour

Those who have come to a tour of Medellin have realized how proud and satisfied the locals feel for their city, and this is not a matter of regionalism, since a survey carried out in 2019 between 79% and 84 % of the inhabitants of Medellin say they feel comfortable and happy in this city. Here the health system, employment and education stand out, essential issues for the local government.

This city is the second most important in Colombia, ranking behind Bogotá. Its average temperature in summer is from 75° to 80° being much lower in winter, its average height is 1,479 meters above sea level, so it is a quite pleasant city, that is why it is called the city of eternal spring.

The Economy of the City

medellin tour

Those who have come to a tour of Medellin have seen with their own eyes that the economy of this city is outstanding, since it is one of the main financial, industrial, commercial and service centers in Colombia.

Here the most outstanding industries are the sectors, textiles, clothing, metalworking, electrical and electronic, telecommunications, food, health and one of the most important in the world and that is booming is the technology sector, highlighting Medellin as the first in the country.

A Happy City

medellin tour

It is one of the main cultural centers of the country along with Bogota and Cartagena. Medellin holds important nationally and internationally recognized festivals such as; The Flower Fair, an event that takes place in the month of August and for a week floods the city with color and joy with 140 cultural events, among which stand out; The National Equine Fair, the Orchestra Festival, the Trovas Festival, the parade of old cars and the poetry festival, the latter with an alternative Nobel Prize. Poets from all over the world present themselves here and freely deliver their poems and readings to the public in parks, auditoriums and popular neighborhoods.

So if you come in the month of August for a tour of Medellin, prepare your cowboy hat and boots to enjoy this festival.

Another well-known event in the city is Colombiamoda, one of the most important fashion fairs in America, where national and international designers are presented to parade their collections.

Colombia has a well-known motto “When you come here, you run the risk of wanting to stay” and that is that the efforts of the government and the locals of Medellin have been great to change the face of this city, so that it is not recognized by Pablo Escobar , but rather for its technological advances and support for true cultures.

So a tour in Medellin is the best idea you will have, if your desire is to get to know this charming city. We have the best tourist plans at an excellent price that will include everything from a local guide to beautiful accommodation for you and your group. We wait for you!

Are you ready to have the greatest adventure of your life? Tour Medellin has everything to make you feel at home, this city will leave you amazed.

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